Get to Know Stewing Cooking Techniques Commonly Used by Home Cooking

Get to Know Stewing Cooking Techniques Commonly Used by Home Cooking

Have you ever heard the term stew in food? Hot and gravy food is certainly very appetizing for many people. Besides that, this one food is the most popular, especially when the weather is cold.

If you’ve ever heard of stew, maybe you know the term soup. Soup itself is one of the boiled foods with gravy, while stew is a stew that is not much different from soup.

Even though they have similarities, it turns out that stew itself turns out that stew and soup have quite significant differences. The fish shop pb will provide tips for cooking using the stewing method or technique here are some explanations about stew that you need to know:

Made from the same ingredients and seasonings

Stew and soup are both soupy foods, filled with vegetables, sometimes fish, meat and chicken are used. The main ingredients to flavor soups and stews include garlic and onions.

What kind of food is called soup?

The main component of the soup is water. Soup can use chicken broth to get a savory gravy taste. There are also creamy textured soups, for example cream soup and tomato soup. Tomato soup usually uses mashed tomatoes to get a reddish color.

The soup takes a short time to cook, approximately 20 minutes. After the garlic is prepared, for example crushed or cut into small pieces. Meanwhile, onions can be cut according to taste, like squares and can also be cut very small.

Stewing Cooking Process

So, regardless of which type of stew you choose, you need to know how to cook this way in general. Here are some guidelines for the process of cooking with stewing techniques that can be followed:

Cutting Ingredients

The most important thing in the stewing technique is the small pieces in the ingredients. That is, make sure all the ingredients have been cut into small pieces and are the same size. This applies to meat, vegetables, or other seasonings.

Make sure the meat is browned

Because this technique is generally used for cooking meat, this needs to be highlighted. Next, it’s time to make sure that the meat used has changed color. When the meat has browned, add additional seasonings to make it more delicious. This includes vegetable oil, butter, and other seasonings. Don’t forget to stir the contents of the pot until well mixed.



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